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S Korea unveils first dog clone

S Korea unveils first dog clone (BBC) Scientists in South Korea have produced the first dog clones, they report in Nature magazine this week.

oh the pain this caused my small palpitating korean heart. with a well known reputation that the koreans have and with all the other animals out there, why did they have to be first to clone a dog? it's like if germans were to invent an innovative oversized oven that's able to fit humans of various religions. couldn't the koreans just have done the work and accidentally dropped the results at a chinese or vietnamese scientist's home?

ok, after a week of brooding, i've prepared myself for it... c'mon, bring on the food shortage jokes. if only we can defray the mockery by helping the arabs clone sheep. i mean sexier than the ones they have now that also have the ability to give and take a quality reach-around.

in other news: in the works, a new thejerk.org tagalog version (now with more adobo)

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