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North Philippines pictures

fresh from a fight to the death with a pair of knife-wielding filipino lolas, the jerk brings you some relatively uninspired pictures of the island of Luzon and its insane inhabitants. god bless 'em, because they try.

highlights include:

- UNESCO world heritage sites, including rice terraces that'll knock your socks off, if you're wearing any
- filthy black sand beaches
- monsoon rain, and how!
- native soft-core pornography (otherwise known as black and white pictures of indigenous folk)

so switch all other electronic devices off, buckle yourselves in, place your erections in the locked and upright position, because there are 166 joyous pictures celebrating filipino culture and my direct attempts to mock each one.

click here or to go straight to the porn, click here

note: large images may not work yet until pennis gets off his oversized pear-shaped arse and fixes his router.


once again your links dont work... in anyevent i was able to navigate to your pics via the Photo link at the top of the page. in any event this is just WRONG



tell tim I said Hi!!!

how can something that feels so right, be so wrong?! whether it's camel toe, moose paw, or the dreaded eagle's claw, i feel it's my duty to report any erotically charged social anomaly, irregardless of age or gender or depth of toe.

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