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porn reserves now dangerously high

a few weeks ago, i reported the border crossing fiasco that led to the loss of years of accumulated pornography. in a time of need, a fellow american has bravely stepped forward to provide me with over 4 GB of explicit digital video content. unfortunately, i'll keep only a fraction of it due to it's unacceptable nature, even for my, let's say, morally pliable standards. but nevertheless, i appreciate and applaud his effort. in order to protect his anonymity, i'll refer to him only as Allen M. actually, that sounds unbearably clinical so let's just call him A. Manalo or A. Manalo of 43 Pasa Robles, Apt 5d, Quezon City, Metro Manila (09)-323-9938 (ask for "el guapo" if you call - password: "the corpulent canuck walks his guinea pig by moonlight").

A. Manalo takes fettishes to a new and disturbing level. while maticulously cataloguing the material, i found myself in amazement and repeatedly screaming, "no, not in there!" or "there is no god." the hardest part was the decision on where to begin. alphabetically starts me off at ataneo univ. sex scandals and ends with very dirty protestant ministers. i can also tackle the problem by genre or movie parodies. my favorite title so far, hairy pooter and the chamber of secretions (director's cut)

once i've narrowed the material down to a few hundred choice selections, i'll be ready to leave manila (again) and attempt to finish hopping around the philippine islands. it turned out losing all that old pornography wasn't the end of my life. thanks to A. Manalo, it was the beginning.

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