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September 16, 2009

Photo Release: India in 2009

Surprise, surprise! Guess whose favorite thejerk is back with the best pound for pound photo commentary this side of the Rio Grande (it's incredibly difficult to beat the Mexicans on comments to weight ratio these days, what, with NAFTA and all). And for the last time, no, I'm not dead! If that particularly virulent strain of gonorrhea didn't get me, little else will, so strap in for the long haul because I'll be around for some time to come.

Although I've been off the radar for some time, I've still been traveling but concentrating the majority of my massive talents & muscularity to my other website. Nonetheless, I'll half-ass this site until I can drive it permanently into the ground and offend the greater internet viewing population or die trying. Until then, enjoy the following photos I took with my inferior point and shoot camera (Canon SD1000) earlier this year.

click here for India pictures

In case you didn't notice, I snuck in some unannounced photos on at the end of 2008... so I'm announcing them now. Look at them, enjoy them, love them but please, for the love of gods, do not surreptitiously masturbate to my photos.

Sri Lanka part 1
Sri Lanka part 2

August 03, 2008

photo release: India - Andaman Islands

holy smokes! it's nearly 6 months later and i'm finally releasing these photos from the eastern parts of the Indian non-mainland. i hit an unexpected stretch of heat/travel-induced lethargy paralleled in the history of traveling only by my infamous "summer of shirtlessness" a few years ago.

there are only lowlights in this set of photos including:

1) my belly increasing in total girth some 30% (not pictured)
2) lovely beaches filled with blood sucking sand flies and oddly shaped british people
3) fish thali, which depending on the particular day, can be great or the worst thing on earth. it was mostly bad on andaman (also not pictured)

los fotos aqui, senoritas

until next time!

brush and floss

March 03, 2008

photo release: the great day of reckoning! (8 countries in one post)

you may have noticed i'm about 7 months behind in releasing photos. by releasing these 8 countries' photos, i'm up to date in one fell swoop and thereby ending the agonizing pressure.

Mongolia Part II

China Part III

China Part IV


Nepal Part I

Nepal Part II

India Part I

India Part II

you may also notice the scant comments. i'm on vacation in Thailand so deal with it. or suck it, if i may.

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December 24, 2007

photo release: Mongolia part I: the return of the mutton vendors

Christmas came a little early this year for you with an exciting release of fotografitti from yours truly. as you enjoy Christmas gathered around your yule log, eating baked duck or urinating on your neighbor's front porch, know that i am on an excruciating 17 hour bus-ride from Nepal to India where the Christmas spirit exists like nowhere else on earth. nothing says happy holidays like swarthy heavily mustached men staring at you for hours on end.

i warn you, there is a dash of nudity in the last picture of this set.

Mongolianische photos!!!

happy Chanukah, you heathens!

November 28, 2007

photo release: China part II: Guilin to Pingyao

delayed by my assbreaking, epic bus journeys and internetless villages, i've fallen behind in releasing photos and therefore i'm late to enrich your lives with my eye-popping photography and thought provoking commentary.

in this issue, i revisit some places i already visited in a 2005 China escapade. i'm now armed with expensive, and therefore, better photography gear for your re-viewing pleasure.

for the low low price of $19.95 (not including shipping and handling), enjoy:
- karst scenery from the Guilin/Yangshuo region
- long exposure photography and starry nights
- your favorite (& mine), buddhist caves & carvings
- ancient Chinese (secret) city, Pingyao

i'm sure i've nearly depleted every possible idiotic comment i can make so if your less entertained in this and future photo releases, blame it on an english language that limits the myriad ways to call someone a doofus.

klicken hieren


October 06, 2007

photo release: China part I: Yunnan province

as i study my google analytics pie charts and diagrams while wearing my white lab coat and safety goggles, i begin to understand your thejerk photo viewing habits. the summary of my findings:

1) you are all incredibly lazy and rarely make it past 2-3 pages of photos.
2) many of you have unusually small penises (as indicated by google analytics, folks).
3) almost none of you click on my advertisements leaving me destitute and unable to afford 3 square meals/day.

i've corrected my photo publishing to reflect my findings. smaller numbers of photos per release, more targeted ads for penis growth herbal extracts and dumbing down my vocabulary to less than 3 syllables at maximum.

i realize that is slowly turning into a showcase of photos and i am concerned as much as you. i'm making a conscious effort to get back to basics. in other words, much more idiotic photos that demean other cultures and their wacky differences.

in the meantime, enjoy these photos:

China Part I

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