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photo release: China part I: Yunnan province

as i study my google analytics pie charts and diagrams while wearing my white lab coat and safety goggles, i begin to understand your thejerk photo viewing habits. the summary of my findings:

1) you are all incredibly lazy and rarely make it past 2-3 pages of photos.
2) many of you have unusually small penises (as indicated by google analytics, folks).
3) almost none of you click on my advertisements leaving me destitute and unable to afford 3 square meals/day.

i've corrected my photo publishing to reflect my findings. smaller numbers of photos per release, more targeted ads for penis growth herbal extracts and dumbing down my vocabulary to less than 3 syllables at maximum.

i realize that thejerk.org is slowly turning into a showcase of photos and i am concerned as much as you. i'm making a conscious effort to get back to basics. in other words, much more idiotic photos that demean other cultures and their wacky differences.

in the meantime, enjoy these photos:

China Part I

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