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Photo Release: India in 2009

Surprise, surprise! Guess whose favorite thejerk is back with the best pound for pound photo commentary this side of the Rio Grande (it's incredibly difficult to beat the Mexicans on comments to weight ratio these days, what, with NAFTA and all). And for the last time, no, I'm not dead! If that particularly virulent strain of gonorrhea didn't get me, little else will, so strap in for the long haul because I'll be around for some time to come.

Although I've been off the radar for some time, I've still been traveling but concentrating the majority of my massive talents & muscularity to my other website. Nonetheless, I'll half-ass this site until I can drive it permanently into the ground and offend the greater internet viewing population or die trying. Until then, enjoy the following photos I took with my inferior point and shoot camera (Canon SD1000) earlier this year.

click here for India pictures

In case you didn't notice, I snuck in some unannounced photos on thejerk.org at the end of 2008... so I'm announcing them now. Look at them, enjoy them, love them but please, for the love of gods, do not surreptitiously masturbate to my photos.

Sri Lanka part 1
Sri Lanka part 2

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