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June 03, 2005

chunky sack having mid-life crisis

(who's the chunk sack?)

how do you say "mid-life crisis" in Polish? does it resemble the word for "uproot" or "flee" in any esoteric way?

after a full year and a half in southern california, the chunky sack (Polska by ethnicity) is retreating back to the bay area with his forked tail and triumvirate of inline testicles firmly between his legs. looks like he actually did something about his most recent bi-monthly mid-life crisis and decided to return to the area he was once so proud to leave. i originally helped the chunky guy move (i.e. i ate chips and instructed him which boxes to put where) from SF so i know his last words well:

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May 20, 2005

fun with pedophile location

TGIT (thank Ganesh it's techmology). due to americans' overwhelming hysteria over remote possibility scenarios, sex offenders can easily be mapped with state governments' web sites and furthermore harrassed into moving away. if everything goes as the government intends, this should relocate the majority of offenders to where they belong: Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. (for cookie reasons, direct link unavailable)

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December 27, 2004

hong kong w/ the yangs

so the earthquake hit yesterday but many many miles away from here. there's no need to worry, the yangs and myself are fine and the only looting going on here is from dennis' parents stealing my prescription medication. you can never trust the chinese... and the taiwanese are even worse!

the strange thing is, i was originally planning on being in sumatra for christmas but the draw of the yangs and a free stay at the hyatt on the papa yang's dime, lured me to delay my indonesia entrance. otherwise i'd be riding the killer tubes of the tsunami. instead, i have a pair of chinamen asleep before 5pm.

happy new years you sorry sacks of crap!

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