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fun with pedophile location

TGIT (thank Ganesh it's techmology). due to americans' overwhelming hysteria over remote possibility scenarios, sex offenders can easily be mapped with state governments' web sites and furthermore harrassed into moving away. if everything goes as the government intends, this should relocate the majority of offenders to where they belong: Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/search.asp (for cookie reasons, direct link unavailable)

perform a zip code search for "90266" and you get one sex offender located at the exact spot the chunky sack and syrian nightmare live. this supports a long suspicion i've had but i'd naturally assumed both, not only one, were miscreants.

that troublemaking group american civil liberties union (ACLU) is fighting what they call a "clear violation of civil rights" but they obviously haven't thought of the benefits. besides keeping our kids and korean-american man-breasted citizens safer, it provides a great social networking tool for sex offenders to meet other eligible sex offenders. think of it as a "friendster" for perverts (moreso).

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