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second laziest post... EVER!

listen up you fat bitches:

coming atchu straight from Beijing, here's a photographic experience of epic proportions of a non-touristy, non-over-renovated (read: rebuilt), non-easily-navigable, non-full-o'-touts-and-overpriced-drink-vendors, no-fee section of the Great Wall of China. one of the 'wild wall' sections as it's known in Chinese circles, Jiankou is officially off-limits to tourists but the combination of incompetent chinese limited policing and my extremely large testicles allowed me one illegal overnight stay atop the wall that is indeed quite great.

Great Wall o' China @ Jiankou

if you want instructions on how to get there, i have a photographic memory as well as washboard abs able to open stubborn beer bottle tops (but that's neither here nor there) so give me a shout and i'll send over my schematics, blueprints and weightlifting statistics (no, 400 lbs bench wasn't just a rumor).

i'm so busy being sick in china, i had little time to do much except lay in a pool of my own excretions. accept my humblest apologies you porkers.

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