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#1 laziest post ever

as you read this, i'll be shivering atop Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) with my tattered underwear lining my flimsy inadequate summer jacket. i've scheduled this post's release for precisely the time i'll wish to be dead from hiking exhaustion, mercury freezing temperatures and the anthrax i picked up in central China (11:15pm Thursday night). anywho...

like a good boy, i should've posted these photos immediately upon leaving Mongolia but i was sidetracked by my PSP purchasing obsession. well, here they are, possibly 2 of my prouder photos from the Mongolia herd:

The Gobi Desert Sunset
Gobi Desert Sunset

Sand Dunes in the Gobi
Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes

eat it


why are those photos private on flickr? lame man, lame.

suck it.

testing CAPTCHA.

i must type JERK before i'm allowed to post.

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