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miss universe files updated

in case you've failed to noticed, my miss universe 2007 page is updated for your wacking watching pleasure.

to miss universalicious

somewhat skimpy swimsuit and evening gown photos now available. unfortunately, the only nip slip is when my japanese friend fell while looking at the photos. oh, Ryoshi, will you ever learn not to wear wooden geta on polished floors.

*** UPDATE to the update ***

a concerned fan (via Wikipedia) writes in:

A number of contestants were born outside the country or have different origins to that which they will represent in the pageant:

* Miss Germany (Angelica Glass) is half Filipino.[31] Her father is from the Philippines and her mother is German. Miss Norway Kirby Ann Tan Basken is also half Filipino.[16]
* Miss Canada 2007 (Inga Skaya) was born in Russia, as was Natalie Glebova, Miss Canada 2005 and Miss Universe 2005. The past three Miss Canada titleholders (2005, 2006, and 2007) were born in Eastern Europe.
* Miss USA (Rachel Smith) was born on an American army base in Panama.
* Miss Venezuela (Ly Jonaitis) is of Lithuanian and Russian origin.
* Miss U.S. Virgin Islands Renata Christian was born in Puerto Rico.
* Miss Indonesia (Agni Pratistha Kuswardono) was born in Canberra, Australia.

*** end update ***

it's interesting the half-breeds come from the nations that produce the most foreign prostitutes (i.e. eastern europe & philippines). just a racist observation on my part.

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