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the greatest show since Little House on the Prairie

unless you live under a rock or your mountain hovel is located inconveniently far from electricity (or you don't get HBO b/c it costs too much and they only show Woody Allen movies during the day), then you're probably familiar with the greatest television show known to man. if you even begin to utter 'Sopranos', i'll, as one Jordanian guy once threatened me, "kick your lower intestine, enshallah!"

thanks be to god, the good peoples at MSN are streaming the first season of Arrested Development. so stop watching old reruns of Gilmore Girls and ready that DIY stitching kit you bought at REI the last (and only) time you went car-camping, because you're gonna bust a gut laughing. G.O.B.'s chipped tooth bit gets me every time.


now to find an internet connection in indonesia fast enough to stream this show and download the latest snuff pr0n, enshallah!

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