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merry christmas and salaam alehkum

not so much happening in the philippines for christmas except a lot of shorts-n-tshirt weather carolling as well as daily church-going. hahahah!


seriously though folks, nothing says happy holidays than a heavily edited He-Man video... or perhaps a punch in the face by a drunken parental unit. that's what christmas is all about.

click here for video

courtesy of the Turd


Feliz Navidad Pius.

btw, i'm not a muslim dude but we did meet in Morocco tho.

Who can forget this classic:

While Tony plays the mambo, Pius beats the chicken on rock and stone... on rock and stone! He beats the chicken... he beats the chicken on rock and stone!

Seriously, there is nothing like spending Christmas day half clothed, from the waste up, baking cookies and watching Godfather 1 and 2.

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