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the enlightenment of traveling

before my international traveling career began, my knowledge of the world was limited to our immediate neighbors, Canada and Mexico (both of which barely qualify as a countries anyway). since then, i'm learning how much better off, the citizens of the US&A have it than those of the rest of the world. on a daily basis, i see grinding poverty and hopelessness that make me want to abandon my travels and retreat back to the comfort of my San Francisco duplex and down a jar of fine caviar or a wheel of imported cheese.

but i perservere.

some time ago, i made a resolution to help at least one beggar a day. if i'm approached at a mcdonald's, he'll get a couple of burgers from me; if starbucks, a few pastries to line his stomach. the soft spot in my heart is reserved mainly for widowed or unmarried elderly women who generally don't get a fair shake in these third world countries to begin with. the prevailing notion is that without a husband, a woman amounts to nothing and hence their careers are built exclusively around the home lessening their marketability in the work force. and so, in general, i try to help an ailing old woman with a handful of pesos, or baht or rupees every day.

with that said, check out these photos of this really hot Dumaguete prostitute!


introducing kimberly. i can already hear you boys out there unbuckling your belts but before you continue, i feel it my duty to warn you of her situation. as it turns out, every hooker has a heartbreaking story. kimberly was abandoned by her parents and eventually turned to shabu (aka crystal meth) for comfort. essentially, she sells her 15 year old body for drugs. yes, 15 years old. now you have all the information, defile away you unmitigated sexual deviants.


the philippines is a difficult place to meet traveling foreigners so often i find myself sitting alone. whether it's at a restaurant, beach or brothel, let's just say, i have a lot of time for introspection. in many cultures, a solo traveler is someone to pity. however, the average "joe citizen" prefers to maintain his distance. enter children, touts and those in the sex trade. i've met so many prostitutes during my travels, i feel like a member of the US armed forces, particularly those filthy navy seamen (they from port to port, ya know?).


i originally met kimberly in Dumaguete through a mutual prostitute friend. i assure you i neither payed for her 15 y/o services (or any prostitution services, ever) nor asked her for these pictures. i was surreptitiously taking pictures of some sad old western dudes in the bar when she felt it necessary to strip for me. she's wacked i tell ya, wacked. but my heart goes out to her and anyone in a similar situation that are forced to be violated by old white men to earn enough money to get high.

footnote: no prostitutes were harmed while taking these pictures and her antics actually seemed entertain nearly everyone in the bar. except for me. i was scurred.


i have been to cebu and seen girls younger than her selling themselves to dirty old western men in an attempt to make ends meet, the governments of richer capitalist countries of the world should hang their heads in shame for allowing this sort of thing to continue, closer checks on sex offenders would be a step in the right direction also publicly shaming sex offenders would obviously help instead of letting them roam around completely anonomous

My wife is in Cebu and she says that girl is 28 to 29... that girl is NOT 15!


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