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i (heart) sports

just a short one here because i feel a bit lazy for not having posted in a while.

it's not like me to let something like this one go without poking fun a bit. not since Nascar driver, Dick Trickle (or former Met, Mookie Wilson) has there been a more comedic name in sports.


really, you shouldn't have bothered opening up the article. you can trust me on this one. he's the arkansas state head basketball coach. with a name like Dickey Nutt, how can you possibly consider removing him as head coach?

that's all for the rest of this month. i'm useless.

in related news, i've seen most of what i wanted to see in the philippines. the pre-departure verdict: dah! (by pre-departure, i mean my flight almost 2 months away on christmas day). i have one more island to see and that's about it but i gotta hand it to the flips, they have the loosest visa extension rules on earth and some really friendly people.

**bonus material**

MANILA (Reuters) - A German man killed two men and wounded two others with a pistol in a farming town in the northern Philippines before he was knocked unconscious with a soft drink bottle, police said Tuesday.

The trouble began when a 51-year-old German national who is married to a Filipino woman was summoned to the community hall to answer complaints from his neighbors accusing him of issuing threats Sunday.

During a heated argument with his four neighbors, the man pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and began shooting at people inside the hall, said Jefferson Soriano, chief of police in the northern Cagayan Valley region.

"The village chief and his deputy were killed on the spot," Soriano told reporters. "Two of his four neighbors were shot in the head and neck, while the others scampered for safety."

Soriano said the German man chased and shot at those who tried to escape. He was subdued after the wife of one of his neighbors hit him in the head with a soft drink bottle.

Police officers found the man still unconscious and took him to hospital. He now faces murder charges.

really, is anyone even surprised?

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