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i'm such a screwup

i think britney spears said it best in her song, "gee whiz, i've done it again now."

in my idiotic attempt to fix thejerk.org's pulldown menus for opera compatibility, i've screwed up the site for internet explorer. i'm a talentless hack and i deserve this punishment and more. the timing is beyond perfect because tomorrow, i leave bangkok and with it, free internet and the possibility of fixing the site or at least hacking something else together. i guess my audience (both of you) will have to live with a janky site for a while. what it boils down to is, i've alienated 70% of the market (IE users) for 15% (opera users). do the trigonometry and you'll conclude beyond a reasonable doubt i have extra chromosomes.


on a lighter note, i'm still sick and eating little to nothing. but now i no longer sweat when i lie down or for that matter, sweat when i eat (exclusively because i no longer eat, i'm not cured or anything). a change of scenery and perhaps a few remotely detonated bombs in southern thailand will wake me up as i run in a zig-zag fashion in between rebel fire.


When are you going back to work you Bum!

i know nothing of this word you speak of... work?! it vexes me. i am vexed.

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