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HK reporter spying, China says

yeah, i know, most of you ignorant sausages don't give a flying poo about current events but the commentary i bring today involves nothing you'd expect. i will not bash china for their petulant, undemocratically elected government whose idea of foreign politics is tit-for-tat statesmanship and infantile public declarations. no, i'm not going to drone at length about china's juvenile statements aimed at the US that declare, in essence, "china will not revalue their yuan or change their policies upon the pressure of outside nations" while hypocritically placing demands for japan's prime minister to stop visiting a controversial japanese war memorial and to rewrite japanese text books. no, the chinese don't all have horrible personal hygiene and appear as if they'd woken up from an all night meth bender as they yell out their orders for KFC bucket meal #2.

HK reporter spying, China says, reports BBC news, reported through me.

i will do none of that today. instead, i simply want to point out the name of the man caught for spying: "Ching Cheong"


wtf!? that name actually exists?! i've been called it wandering around as a kid in the ghetto township of Orange, New Jersey. this discovery obviously is a huge step backwards for asian-kind. my defense at the racialist remark was to take comfort that the name doesn't even exist! ugh, back to the drawing board.

and if you're curious, yeah, i'm still deathly sick. the good news is today i ate a meal that didn't consist of iced coffee or gummy bears... actual solids! the bad news is halfway through the meal, it hit and i began my butt clenched scurry to the nearest toilet. good thing i was at the end of this pair of underwear's week long tour of duty. today's "incident" will cause no damage to my laundry rotations but make me question, how'd the corn get in there?


maybe this is too obvious (and selfish on my part as your logs are the highlight of my day and i want you to be well enough to keep posting) but why don't you go see a doctor????

i got a bit carried away with the response so i'd feel a bit more comfortable with it as a separate blog post. all rights are reserved.

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