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Toons by Lunchbreath

In my absence, I've kept myself rather busy scouring the ol' ISH (information super-highway) to bring you godless heathens more and more educational and/or rewarding content. As of 11:21pm last night, I reached the end of the internet and I'm ready to begin posting my findings. (In case you were wondering, no, I wasn't at all being lazy and neglecting this site in favor of my photolicious new website: Daily Travel Photos.)

Pull up a chair, you trust fund babies and unemployed goat herders. Enjoy yerself some witty cartoons:

socially dysfunctional (by lunchbreath)

mo' after the jump

Ladies Night (by lunchbreath)

You can find many more cartoon gems on lunchbreath's flickr page

In case you're wondering, yes, I'm still traveling and yes, after 5 months in this country, I'm starting to see bulls eyes on the necks of these damn Indian guys. Someone's soon to be on the business end of a knuckle sandwich and me'thinks the chances are high the victim's gonna be swarthy.

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