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RSS for photo lovers only, bitches! (verdict: flickr-licious)

i've hacked together an RSS feed for the following flickr page which flickr (or parent yahoo) hasn't yet provided an RSS feed for:


the previous flickr page is only an example calendar for the month of august. what i'm scraping on my RSS is each day's "greatest hits" of photos on flickr, updated on a daily basis for the previous day's most popular photos.

my feed collects 3 pages worth of the day's "greatest hits" photos and displays them in an easily digestable manner. RSS the following link in your favorite RSS reader, you scoundrels:


and for the filthy perverts out there (read: my german and swiss audience), there are the occasional "artsy" nudes displayed. kinda like watching a scrambled playboy channel (b/c you're too cheap to pay for it), you may or may not see a nipple. nor that hot woman on dog action the Teutonic peoples tend to prefer.

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