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the chunky sack - a refresher (verdict: village people-esque)

you leave the country for a couple of years and your friends at home begin behaving like a group of uninhibited metrosexuals.

why is the chunky sack (white shirt) wearing a bra in the following picture?


a) his sagging man-boobs require extra support after 30 years of self-defilement
b) he's finally outing himself as transgender/transexual/lesbian/man-whore/communist
c) accompanied by dietary restrictions, he's discovered Hollywood's new "in" religion, Kaballah


  • didn't korby (background) leave 629 elizabeth for more concrete NYC pastures years ago? the past 4 groups of pictures i've seen places him consistently on the west coast and his love of bleeding heart liberals

  • paul m.'s (right) tight spandex shirt leaves nothing to the imagination, especially his Polish beer gut and lack of taste in synthetic fibers.

  • chunky sack's mustache makes me question my heterosexuality and faith in the existence of a god... or makes me wanna bust out with a stirring rendition of "it's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A"

on a slightly non-heterosexual note, the chunky sack looks like he's shed a few pounds. depression or pain-killer addiction?... discuss.


I realized that I lived with one, possibly two gay guys. Could that now be three?

Also is it on purpose that the sideburns and stache go to the same level?


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