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schapelle corby and transporting pornography

unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard of the schapelle corby fiasco. long story short, the australian national was found guilty of smuggling drugs into indonesia. i don't smuggle drugs or anything but perhaps a more aggressive customs official may interpret the gigabytes of pornography on my laptop as an attempt to sell and distribute my "stash". hardly the case but i'd be loathe to spend time in jail for a "crime" all men are commit, to varying degrees. (e.g. harish owns a separate computer for his collection)

to trump counter-pornography officials, whenever i cross a border i compress (zip) my illegal luggage (especially the ones involving circus midgets and a vengeful god), then send the zipped files to the windows recycling bin for salvaging after i've crossed the border. there's absolutely no way they'd find it.

ingenious plan, don't you think? i suggest you use it. i'd pat myself on the back were it not for the lesions that sprouted there recently. then i'd kick my own ass for accidentally emptying my recycling bin after i landed in the philippines. SONUVA#%@$!$# it's all over! the years i've spent amassing the finest collection of smut outside of denmark all gone from a single mouse click. in a world rich with indecent material, i'm a poor man and without a broadband connection, i'll remain poor for a long time. on the bright side, at least i'll free up 2 hours of my day normally spent tagging and recategorizing my porn.

by the way, schapelle corby is probably innocent but nonetheless should be in jail. the australians coming to her defense are insane! must be nice to be a large breasted white woman.

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