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ronald mcdonaldland

if you're like me, you've fantisized about at least one member of the cast of mcdonald's. no, not the pasty overweight deep fry technician at your local mcdonald's. i'm talking about Grimace, the Hamburglar, or even fear-inducing (yet strangely arousing) patron clown, Ronald.

but if you're like me, you've forgotten about castmember birdie. with her supple featherless skin she teases the boys' cocks without a bra while wearing those fuck-me overalls. you have to wonder who pokes birdie in mcdonaldland. does she like the rebellious nature of hamburglar or the kindness of the purple blob. or maybe ronald's red clown nose and size 15 shoes tickle her fancy. you know what they say about hideous clowns with big feet...

my shortpants are getting tighter again.. the rich and famous have an enviable lifestyle. don't hate the playa, hate the game.

what? she is? this just in... birdie is a lesbian. more to follow as details come in.



Come home NOW! First it's Birdie, who will it be next, Burger King?

You got some sickness, boy.

funny you mention Burger King. when i last went to retrieve a whopper, Burger Queen came on a bit strong to me. at first i refused to believe royalty would behave so imprudently, particularly with the court of burger king deep fryers eavesdropping. but when she slipped a monogrammed burger king napkin with her phone number on it, i believed. that rumormongering hamburglar overheard what happened - he's friends with the BK deep fryers - and tattled all over mcdonaldland. as a result birdie isn't eating and is rumored to be on anti-depressants. grimace too.

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