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i'm fat but she's...

as i was trawling the web for east german scheize porn kazaaing mp3's on my free wifi connection, i found this picture of teen angst vanilla pop-star, michelle branch. the obvious question is: how is it that michelle branch has a worse body than me!?

and clearly she's sucking in her gut in this picture. really, her general body shape reminds me of a hairless ewok which i'm not so certain has made me more or less attracted to her. nonetheless, she's got no business wearing something so j-lo-esque especially because unlike j-lo, michelle branch doesn't have that spankable aspect on her pre-pubescent face. it's not like she's so busy she can't get herself to a gym or pop in a jazzercise video. of course, that's not to imply i'd kick her out of bed... and frankly, there are few women i'd kick out of bed these days including (but not limited to) those lovable, and some would say sexy, ewoks.


Pi, dont tell me you wouldnt "go willingly" is she said come.... =:-p

and don't tell me, you wouldn't punch her in the ovaries after you're done.

and btw, wow, the picture alignment is horrible!

I dont see the problem.

Don't see a problem either. She'd get it....a lot.

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