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i stand by my choice (weakly)

some of you with softer musical taste may enjoy this filipino song. those of you that listen to screaming and yelling under the guise of "music", don't bother clicking on the link. that means you harish, chunky sack, and syrian nightmare. actually, maybe it's better you guys just die. why won't you just die!


i'm a man with musical taste that ranges from back street boys all the way to n'sync and i stand proudly by my choice of man-band music (they're no longer boys, whoa is me). it may also be that i hear this song on every bus i've taken since i left manila and so it's grown on me, kinda like the uncontrollable fungus in my butt crack.

speaking of fungus, how's turd these days. judging by turd's Monster Ballad car CD collection (volumes 1-8), he'd love this song. i can picture him doing the white man's overbite in his car listening to this... while his nazi girlfriend screams antisemitic slurs out the window.

in other news: did anyone else's groin tingle when they saw pink floyd's Live 8 performance? mine also... high five!


get out of here! there was that one song, where it started with just the bass, then guitar and drums, then yelling, THEN finally screaming (then back to yelling again). some people just don't understand complex music i guess.
besides, in my country there are people that believe eating a variety of aged goat feces among all the other food makes a someone a well-rounded individual. that doesn't make them more of a food connoiseur than a person with a fecal-free diet. we have a saying that roughly translated means "hump a sheep, break your dad's hookah"

ha ha!!!! whew, good stuff

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