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olympics over at last (verdict: das ist wedgi-licious)

that means one thing and one thing only. you people can get back to a normal masturbation schedule. that is, you'll no longer be tempted by olympic women's volleyball (beach or indoor) or the underaged girls in gymnastics (which you should be ashamed of) to pull down your shortpants and risk blindness once again. in other words, the completion of the olympic games leaves you masturbating far less, no matter how much you imagine gymnast Alicia Sacramone using your pasty overweight body as a her personal balance beam.

i'm a well known humanitarian and a man whose heart yearns to save dolphins and end all suffering in the world. with that in mind, i'm generous enough to leave you with some images from the olympic games (from the perspective of those incorrigible germans):


if perverted photography were an olympic event, the germans would easily take home the gold and platinum. is there a country that loves an olympic wedgie more than the germans? i know not, my friends. i know not.


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