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photo release: China part II: Guilin to Pingyao

delayed by my assbreaking, epic bus journeys and internetless villages, i've fallen behind in releasing photos and therefore i'm late to enrich your lives with my eye-popping photography and thought provoking commentary.

in this issue, i revisit some places i already visited in a 2005 China escapade. i'm now armed with expensive, and therefore, better photography gear for your re-viewing pleasure.

for the low low price of $19.95 (not including shipping and handling), enjoy:
- karst scenery from the Guilin/Yangshuo region
- long exposure photography and starry nights
- your favorite (& mine), buddhist caves & carvings
- ancient Chinese (secret) city, Pingyao

i'm sure i've nearly depleted every possible idiotic comment i can make so if your less entertained in this and future photo releases, blame it on an english language that limits the myriad ways to call someone a doofus.

klicken hieren


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