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China montage

as per ancient custom on thejerk.org i release a sexy-time montage whenever i exit a country. this time however, i figure you're tired of seeing my usual montage of attractive local females. it's not for lack of talent in China, although the rear end on Chinese women leave a lot to be desired (15y/o olympic chinese gymnasts buttocks are not the norm). i just wanted to try something different.

have some chinese food instead!

China Food Montage

eat it!

(or if you'd rather watch the video hit the jump)


Pi, you're leaving China already? Thought you were going to swing by Beijing, where I would have treated you to fried insects on a stick and my a-yi (maid) would have hand-washed your underoos.

mouth-watering, yes, but I wants me biz-atches, if for no other reason than I like the idea of you skulking around strange places surreptitiously snapping pix. I've done a bit of that lately, if you haven't noticed, you jerk!

What??? No General Tso's chicken. that's the only Chinese food I eat.

yeah, tell me about it! turns out general tso's chicken is available only in the west, much like pedophiles, eating competitions and anorexia. who would've thunked it?!

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