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the disease revisits

i received a one day reprieve but now i'm back swimming in bile and excrement. i have no energy to go out nor an appetite. it's a travesty that so many pad see ewe's have found no home in the past 4 days. is it lyme disease or chicken flu? maybe it was the 4 hookers i offered a group discount to last week. look, when you're as sexually ambiguous as me, they become the customers.

what gorgeous timing too. tim tayag, in bangkok on a weekend bender from manila had to "see the sites" on his own.

in the past 4 days, i've:

  • eaten 1/2 a meal (w/ tim tayag nonetheless)

  • laid indoors excreting fluids 22 of 24 hours a day

  • defiled myself only once

  • attempted to defile myself 19 times (w/ tim tayag nonetheless)

i don't say any of this for sympathy. i'm highlighting that sometimes this whole travel bit isn't as glamorous as it sounds. ok, i can't lie, it is all glamorous and i am doing this for sympathy... so shower me. i mean literally, someone needs to bathe me.

any quack amateur diagnosis or home remedy would be greatly appreciated!

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