September 23, 2008

will work for camera (or food)

holy crap! video from Canon's new 5D mark II DSLR:


unless i can find a wealthy donor in my audience, i need to quickly get $2700 cash with my latest kidnap for ransom scheme.

donors: save one hapless victim the suffering and humiliation of being held for ransom by thejerk. make checks payable to "the jerk" (paypal and diner's club accepted).

May 14, 2005

birthday present!!!

Canon PowerShot S2 IS: Digital Photography Review

look, i'm not asking for much (just $400). if anyone wants to get me an early birthday/chanukkah/festivus present, get me this beauty:

after having seen this product, we all now know the answer to the age-old question: what's better than my current 10x zoom camera? (a: 12x zoom w/ stereo sound & 5m-pixel!)

i promise a lot more perving if you get me this. i'll even splurge for the 2x telephoto lense so nobody's private space is longer safe under the watchful lense of my 24x zoom. delicious!

January 04, 2005

serious stuff

look, if a poor bastard like me can make a donation so can you!

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