May 08, 2009

Heavy Sack

In case anyone out there's wondering what's in my cumbersome backpack whilst I do what I do, here's a photo:

Photography in a Rucksack (by www.dailytravelphotos.c<br />

Click through to the Flickr Page to see the version with labels on all my gear.

My rucksack and photography backpack cumulatively weigh around 35kg which is about 77lbs for all you imperialists out there. This tremendous load isn't doing any favors for my herniated disks and gonorrheal pubis but a true artist suffers for his craft, no? And yes, that really is a prosthetic thumb... Why do I have a prosthetic thumb, you ask? Why not is my reply.

I hope to have a photo of a fully packed bag at some point in the future so stay tuned.