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July 01, 2009

On the D.L.

The Dalai Lama's a shifty one.

I arrived to Dharamsala with little hope of seeing His Holiness. Already this year, he abruptly canceled his annual March teachings due to poor health & probable international engagements with Richard Gere. With a busy schedule of whipping around the world or bopping around to various parts of India, the D.L. calls the Hyatt as much home as his modest mountain palace in Dharamsala. One wonders the kind of frequent flier miles His Holiness racks up and whether he claims these all-expenses-paid trips on his income taxes. I would safely assume that he, like the rest of us, cooks the books a pinch.

To counter mother nature's cruelly cursing me with unadulterated man-boobs, lady luck bestowed upon me a once in a lifetime chance at a face to face encounter with the Nobel laureate himself! He happened to be in town for a few days to give a talk to the Tibetan students in the area. Something about the 37 somethings of the Bodhisattvas... Who cares!? I was going to see the Tibetan rebel numero uno in the flesh!

My attempt to obtain tickets for indoor seating for the 2 day event were rebuffed so instead I did what any devoted Buddhist would do: relentlessly stalk him at the place his motorcade & entourage (including bodyguards, handlers, sycophants, well-wishers, would deposit him.

His Holiness (by thejerk)

Mission accomplished. And to boot, I nearly touched him, before a bodyguard swiftly deflected my clammy open palm out of His Holiness' middle path.

May 02, 2009

Male Perspective

Indian's Perspective (by thejerk)

A tourist map of Bijapur, India reveals the commonly held view of Western women by the average Indian man.

To be fair, it'd be appropriate to also show an illustration of a guy in a banana hammock, no?

If given the chance, everyone's a whore.

September 24, 2008

the new cooch

another image i forgot to post, pre-USA-hiatus:

The Cooch

the town somewhere in the northeast of India between Siliguri and Guwahati. i'll let your filthy minds fill in a wishfully lascivious meaning of "behar".

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September 01, 2008

worst restaurant ever!

yuck... and it's also pure veg!

Worst Restaurant Ever!

(forgot to post this bitch whilst in the subcontinent)

August 15, 2008

li'l mike

finally i hauled my overweight carcass out of my house to say hi to my friend, Zuad and her fat li'l man. And while i was over there, i said hi to the baby too. so many overweight Mike's (father, Mike sr. and baby, Mike jr.) under a single roof, one wonders how Zuad deals with the stereo crying and nightly diaper changes, on either jr. or sr.... take your pick.

and here's arguably the cuter of the mikes (certainly the sexier of the two) watching television:
M. Costanza Part II:  the revenge

on a side note, that thar's the greatest tv show ever! Wednesdays NBC @ 4:30pm: "Mr. Sack Grabber" (all rights reserved).

June 16, 2008

here you go...

suck on a picture from India

Mother & Child

June 01, 2008

not dead (yet)

i'm closing in on my 5th year of continuous travels and like a star that shone too brightly and made the masses laugh (& cry) for far too long, i'm burned out. like an angel, not meant for this earth... i'm destroyed. like a pornographic thespian that's taken one too many in the eye... stick a fork in me.

since february, i've jetted from one beach vacation to another to avoid my traveling and photographic duties. from one of my vacations comes this gem of a photo teaser:

Smaller Natural Bridge

i allow you to click through the above photo to my flickr teaser photos and gawk at my sublime abilities with a shutter. not pictured during these mini-vacations is my sublime ability to eat, gain weight, then do nothing to work the excess kilogram-age off. i'm a fat bastard now. someone, put me out of my misery, please.

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