May 23, 2005

from the land of dikes & windmills: hatemail

i'm doing something right... i'm getting foreign hate mail! she seems to genuinely dislike me and the rich content of travel stories i provide. read between the lines and you see her latent sexual attraction and desperate request to molest my hairy bean bag. i mean it, she really seems to have taken the otherwise innocuous thejerk.org to be personally offensive! what a kook!

today marks the first of hopefully many outraged "fans" attempting to lash out at me with childish and poorly worded insults as well as sophomoric psych 101 mental evaluations. look, i was raised by a pack of wild dingos so your words only offer comfort from a childhood of neglectful latchkey parenting (because it's well known that dingos work all night leaving the kids at home alone) and an adolesence marked by the stigma of being a social pariah all through grades K-12.

her email (including header - note the .fr french domain):

From: "Leila XXXXX" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: jerk jerk jerk

You ARE a jerk. What's the point of travelling if it's only to insult
the local cultures and people??? You must be a pathetic little man who
needs to attract some attention to his insignificant self. The fact that you have only unpleasant things to say about a country, shows a high level of ignorance and anger (probably a small penis and erection problems). asian people are losers.

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