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February 28, 2008

Nepal montage (verdict: who would've known)

** editor's note **

2 months after the fact, i discovered this story i'd written but never published about Nepal. i suppose that's what happens when your body's riddled with incurable 3rd world diseases. nevertheless, enjoy what appears to be a semi-completed story that i won't take the time to finish.


i present to you drooling go-kart specialists, the country ending Montage of lovelies. much like the gorgeous women in unpronouncably named eastern european countries, Nepal is the natural habitat of some of the world's hidden gems of good lookin' YOUNG ladies!


unfortunate they're completely untouchable unless by marriage or duped by the illusion of wealth.

February 18, 2008

lazy post of India: Indian Bride

Ghat Bride

suck it!

January 20, 2008

ch-ch-ch chia

the worst dressed males in the world, just got a little worse.

comeback trail for Chia-Pet?

oh those silly Indian fashion trends. (i'm still waiting for Chia-Pubic hair)

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January 12, 2008

Him A Laya'

sure that title would've worked better were the mountain chain actually called the Himaplaya but what can i do, other than possess the strength of 10 men and the superhuman ability to set world records in both the bench press and the clean and jerk. google clean and jerk. you'll not be surprised to see a photo of me wearing both a winner's grin and g-string singlet.

now to the main thrust of the post: to fulfill your FDA recommended mountain viewing requirement, i offer you gorgons some lovely Himalayan action.

the Annapurna Range (from Pokhara, Nepal)
Annapurna Range

more after the jump

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December 23, 2007

Nepali 'Yutes' (yet another half-assed entry)

look, i'm preparing myself for my traditional christmas colonic. in other words, i'm busy filling my body w/ toxins to purge at the magic time. so for now, you'll have to live with these teaser photos of Nepal and wait for tales of humorous adventures at a later time. if you're not satisfied, demand your money back.

a couple of local Yutes we met at a village in Nepal that demanded their photos be taken. turns out they were quite the photogenic li'l ladies:

local Yute

more photo action after the jump

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December 20, 2007

Nepal Tourism (unpaid advertisement)

Nepal is much like India, but with friendly people that don't crap on train tracks in the mornings. I believe that's the country's official tourism catch phrase.

rhino safari action

himalaya action

November 22, 2007

China montage

as per ancient custom on i release a sexy-time montage whenever i exit a country. this time however, i figure you're tired of seeing my usual montage of attractive local females. it's not for lack of talent in China, although the rear end on Chinese women leave a lot to be desired (15y/o olympic chinese gymnasts buttocks are not the norm). i just wanted to try something different.

have some chinese food instead!

China Food Montage

eat it!

(or if you'd rather watch the video hit the jump)

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