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August 10, 2007

photo release: Cambodia (three fer bonanza)

i'm tired of it all.

some pictures here:

non-Angkor Wat Cambodia:
South of Siem Reap

Angkor Wat Cambodia:
Angkor Wat

Carvings of Angkor Wat:
Carvings of Angkor Wat

suck it

June 21, 2007

photo release: Thailand (special bonus: three fer Thursday Thailand)

it's Thursday and there's no better arbitrary reason to release 3 sets of photos other than the fact that "three" alliterates with "Thursday" and vaguely with "Thailand", if i may. it's my sneaky way of playing catchup for my 3 month backlog of photos.

pick and choose or if you dare, view the entire 3 sets in a single sitting. but i doubt anyone hates themselves enough to endure such torture.

Paradise Island

highlights include:
- the greatest beach this side of, well, nowhere really.
- enough sunsets to last you a lifetime and into the afterlife (most likely hell).
- the first of many dynamic time-lapse videos. 3 steps, click. repeat 2000+ times.

Bangkok & environs

highlights include:
- travel friends, past and Thai.
- a hidden gem in Bangkok, the skybar at the State Tower.
- some other stuff, included free of charge.

Thai festivals

highlights include:
- Songkran - Thai New Year and general mayhem with universal solvents.
- Thai lovelies, the most beautiful women on earth (and therefore the most off-limits to me).
- a mistaken foray to "Songkran hub," Sangklaburi. it was a costly venture, paid thereafter by 3 weeks of dengue-like symptoms.
- Visakha Bucha - the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar.
- Doi Suthep temple, one of the 7 holiest temples in Thailand.

in my spare time outside of other projects and listless drooling, i've managed to install a new popup balloon feature. read my disturbing comments by hovering over a thumbnail (courtesy of overLib) only to quickly realize you don't care for my deranged rants... or you never learned to read.

the previous 3 sets of photos are a culmination of over 2 months of picture-ography-taking. as a result, i'm forcing loads of pageviews on you frugal bastards. i'd better see some major revenue out of this or else i'm taking names and fists will connect with backs of heads! i will destroy you.



oh, i nearly forgot. in case you haven't signed up for monthly photo email notifications, use the following form:


(e.g. buttmonkey or turkeylips)


i'll keep reminding you until all visitors are on my distribution list. hopefully i can reach a total of 4 people by the end of this decade. 6 if my parents finally give in.

June 09, 2007

photo release: kuala lumpur ('kuala lumpur?' i hardly know 'er!)

in my attempt to recover from unpublished photo-itis, i was planning on a 3-fer-thursday blowout bonanza but laziness triumphed so i'm releasing what i have (that's what i told her!). it's just a 3 pager so you can breeze through it and even have time to read some of my miserable comments. on second thought, perhaps it's best to just soak your GI tract in Epsom salts instead. the end result will be the same.

highlights include:

- the single most overphotographed modern skyscraper in Asia; my continuing contribution to web-photo-detritus.
- domestic dispute at (where else but...) the mall. what is it about public domestic disputes that are so instantly recognizable and your deep unspoken desire to see it degrade into full blown fisticuffs, bitch-slapping and hairpulling?
- start of 5D adventures and more 17mm wides than your li'l 17mm thin can handle. if that last sentence made any sense, you're a complete photo tool - AND you use pee-wee sized condoms.
- muslims! well, the nice kind that don't wear belt-bombs and throw humus in/around your eyeballs. i'm pretty certain i spelled 'humus' wrong. and while i'm on the subject, is it 'wrong' or 'wrongly'? as 'wrong' describes a verb it's gotta be... bah! screw it.
- interesting fact: did you know Israelis are barred from entering Malaysia and Indonesia? of course not because you're ignorant and you should leave that couch long enough for your Xbox thumb to recover.
- i <3 Kuala Lumpur!

KL, in the flesh, you bitch ass skanky mugs!!

enjoy! (or as pronounced by latinos: enyoy!)

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May 17, 2007

photo release: Indonesia 4 (last and certainly, least)

the end has cometh for photos from a lovely country with unspeakable cuisine (notably excepting Padang food and family of hearty coto soups). my quad phDs in engineering allow me to calculate that an ideal country has a food::interestingness ratio that approaches one. if the ratio approaches infinity or zero, there's something amiss or the country in question is Canada (note: equation not applicable for countries neither interesting nor with bad food... sorry, the Philippines).

what the hell am i going on about? frankly, i can't be quite certain because i've not slept in 2 days ever since i bewilderlying woke up in a dumpster in the Banglapoo district of Bangkok... for the third time in 5 days. spun in a positive light, i enjoyed Indonesia and its people and i thank the local food for helping me shed 20 pounds off my buxom yet masculine physique. on a related note, i'm approximately two diseases away from my ideal weight for a 5 foot 1 inch male; i'll be 5'2" in august so send me a birthday card, y'all!

highlights in this issue include:

- Mt. Bromo, Java at the crack o' dawn
- Lake Toba, Sumatra
- if you haven't had enough Ramayang Epic performances, there's more in this episode
- no disease for my ailing body during this photographic time-period (exception: daily bloody stool)
- a lamp... yes, a plain lamp. that's a highlight in this set. suck it!
- the first of hopefully many, many time-lapse videos... following videos will necessarily be more interesting

photons located here

forever yours,

the jerk

April 13, 2007

photo release: Indonesia 3 - Sulawesi

i'm nearly 4 months behind in my releases (of pictures). i assume 97% of you are waiting with bated breath... sorry, i meant 3% of you are waiting leisurely for my photos.


- death in the high seas (a lowlight actually)
- sacrifices for entry into the afterlife
- and some of the worst comments i've ever put to pictures

there's not much going on in these photos so for those of you who finally wanted to unsubscribe for the past few years, this may be the best chance. i'm running out of things to say in my comments so it's only downhill from here and future countries.

i went through a bit of a depression in Indonesia right about this time so nothing came out very inspired.

kill me now.

fotos disini

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