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Locate me

This'll probably make some of you privacy freaks out there, er, freak.

It's Google latitude showing my exactly location at any point in time. Unfortunately I don't update latitude automatically by mobile phone but instead manually plug in my coordinates whenever I remember. The "detect my location by ISP" update option is absolute shite - which always puts me in downtown Palo Alto, California - so the manual option is all I have.

As of right now, I'm undecided on permanently sticking this thing in the left sidebar but it's about time I retire that crappy blue "where am i" globe over there.

If you've been to India, you learn to live with little to no privacy. As a result, I won't lose any sleep over such silly self-aggrandizing concerns. If someone has so little in his life that he's actually thinking of stalking me, he has far greater issues than me. Frankly, I could use the company so I welcome any of my mentally imbalanced readers to come find me. Currently, I'm in the greater Chennai metro area in India. Swing by. We'll have a masala chai and hurl insults at the natives.

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