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welcome a new exhibition sport to the 2008 Olympics

if you're as sick as i am of hearing the feminine shrills of NBC's announcers covering the phelps record breaking attempt or you're fed up with useless olympic sports (we're talking to you trampoline and equestrian or any other sport whose final scores are derived from the opinions of a panel of elderly international judges), then help me welcome the greatest ever combat sport. unfortunately, it's relegated to exhibition status at this year's olympics but if i know the international olympic committee (IOC) as well as i think i do, the sport will swiftly be sanctioned into the olympics by 2012, 2010 if the gods answer my prayers.

it behooves the IOC to help combat olympics apathy and bring dignity back to the olympics... allow bear boxing w/ sexy ring card chimpanzees.

i hear the collective (drooling) masses already chanting:
let them play... let them play... let them play.

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