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not dead (yet)

i'm closing in on my 5th year of continuous travels and like a star that shone too brightly and made the masses laugh (& cry) for far too long, i'm burned out. like an angel, not meant for this earth... i'm destroyed. like a pornographic thespian that's taken one too many in the eye... stick a fork in me.

since february, i've jetted from one beach vacation to another to avoid my traveling and photographic duties. from one of my vacations comes this gem of a photo teaser:

Smaller Natural Bridge

i allow you to click through the above photo to my flickr teaser photos and gawk at my sublime abilities with a shutter. not pictured during these mini-vacations is my sublime ability to eat, gain weight, then do nothing to work the excess kilogram-age off. i'm a fat bastard now. someone, put me out of my misery, please.


holla amigo

missining you a lot.
i am getting marry on 12 of september 2008.
wanted to meet you but we will take our honey moon in Italy.so if you want to jump Italy on september we would love to hang out with you.and if not,come to Israel,befor another war will start in the area.have you heared about 1 of our ministers who said Israel should bomb Iran and then the oil price rise more then 10$ ?
keep on the good ,great photos you take,we love them
Sivan & Lior

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