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photo release: Thailand (special bonus: three fer Thursday Thailand)

it's Thursday and there's no better arbitrary reason to release 3 sets of photos other than the fact that "three" alliterates with "Thursday" and vaguely with "Thailand", if i may. it's my sneaky way of playing catchup for my 3 month backlog of photos.

pick and choose or if you dare, view the entire 3 sets in a single sitting. but i doubt anyone hates themselves enough to endure such torture.

Paradise Island

highlights include:
- the greatest beach this side of, well, nowhere really.
- enough sunsets to last you a lifetime and into the afterlife (most likely hell).
- the first of many dynamic time-lapse videos. 3 steps, click. repeat 2000+ times.

Bangkok & environs

highlights include:
- travel friends, past and Thai.
- a hidden gem in Bangkok, the skybar at the State Tower.
- some other stuff, included free of charge.

Thai festivals

highlights include:
- Songkran - Thai New Year and general mayhem with universal solvents.
- Thai lovelies, the most beautiful women on earth (and therefore the most off-limits to me).
- a mistaken foray to "Songkran hub," Sangklaburi. it was a costly venture, paid thereafter by 3 weeks of dengue-like symptoms.
- Visakha Bucha - the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar.
- Doi Suthep temple, one of the 7 holiest temples in Thailand.

in my spare time outside of other projects and listless drooling, i've managed to install a new popup balloon feature. read my disturbing comments by hovering over a thumbnail (courtesy of overLib) only to quickly realize you don't care for my deranged rants... or you never learned to read.

the previous 3 sets of photos are a culmination of over 2 months of picture-ography-taking. as a result, i'm forcing loads of pageviews on you frugal bastards. i'd better see some major revenue out of this or else i'm taking names and fists will connect with backs of heads! i will destroy you.



oh, i nearly forgot. in case you haven't signed up for monthly photo email notifications, use the following form:


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i'll keep reminding you until all thejerk.org visitors are on my distribution list. hopefully i can reach a total of 4 people by the end of this decade. 6 if my parents finally give in.

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