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photo release: kuala lumpur ('kuala lumpur?' i hardly know 'er!)

in my attempt to recover from unpublished photo-itis, i was planning on a 3-fer-thursday blowout bonanza but laziness triumphed so i'm releasing what i have (that's what i told her!). it's just a 3 pager so you can breeze through it and even have time to read some of my miserable comments. on second thought, perhaps it's best to just soak your GI tract in Epsom salts instead. the end result will be the same.

highlights include:

- the single most overphotographed modern skyscraper in Asia; my continuing contribution to web-photo-detritus.
- domestic dispute at (where else but...) the mall. what is it about public domestic disputes that are so instantly recognizable and your deep unspoken desire to see it degrade into full blown fisticuffs, bitch-slapping and hairpulling?
- start of 5D adventures and more 17mm wides than your li'l 17mm thin can handle. if that last sentence made any sense, you're a complete photo tool - AND you use pee-wee sized condoms.
- muslims! well, the nice kind that don't wear belt-bombs and throw humus in/around your eyeballs. i'm pretty certain i spelled 'humus' wrong. and while i'm on the subject, is it 'wrong' or 'wrongly'? as 'wrong' describes a verb it's gotta be... bah! screw it.
- interesting fact: did you know Israelis are barred from entering Malaysia and Indonesia? of course not because you're ignorant and you should leave that couch long enough for your Xbox thumb to recover.
- i <3 Kuala Lumpur!

KL, in the flesh, you bitch ass skanky mugs!!

enjoy! (or as pronounced by latinos: enyoy!)

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