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house of god(s) (verdict: Hindu-tastic!)

my man's intuition tells me most of you Nintendo playing warriors will never make it out to this neck of the woods to tour one of the greatest set of ruins in the world; i use the word 'ruins' very lightly because the temples of the Angkor complex in Cambodia are far from ruined like its Roman counterparts. the structure itself along with the intricate wall carvings have survived the test of time and for now, the onslaught of mindless package tourists that feel its necessary to touch everything with their sausage-like fingers. they f'in disappoint me.

photos don't do justice to this vast intact temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. like my body, Angkor's combination of form and function is breathtaking - my fists alone are deadly weapons once used to excavate pure granite, accomplishing what pneumatic drills were unable. but when seen under the right lighting, the same fists are as delicate and lithe as a 7 y/o's anus.

despite my hatred for all things non-Thai female, i decided to put together another Canon 5D time-lapse video for you, the drooling masses. 2000+ shots went into the production of my tour of Angkor Wat. there's bound to be some confusion so let me clarify. the video shows the Angkor Wat temple which is one of dozens of massive temples at the Angkor Wat complex. hence Angkor Wat is a temple so nice, they named it twice.

in this edition of entertainment, i attempted some hollywood magic but to questionable end results. at one point i attempt to walk through a wall while later i bound over tourists ala a revolutionary 1980's video game.


note: all stunts were performed by a trained professional. thejerk.org does not recommend walking through solid stone walls or leaping over groups of chinese package tourists... or being as ruggedly handsome with deadly weapons for hands.


Dude, i love that picture/video clip....

Damn, that's artistic!

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