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i eat your sh*t!

i have nothing constructive to say right now but i'm dying to post this video of my daily paradise walk. every evening, i take my hour-long tour of the island, stopping for a sunset and to stare at wading Thai mainlanders on their weekend junkets. on an island where the most activity i get is walking from my bungalow for meals (and back), i stay vigilante not to gain back the 10 pounds i lost in indonesia through disease and malaise. hence i take a nightly romantic walk for couples as a party of one. (jesus H christ, i need a girlfriend)

for those that are curious, every 3 steps, i snapped a low res picture and timelapsed the entirety in Adobe Premiere to some snazzy muzak. some 2000 pictures in all but the result was worth my chafed thighs walking in 40 degree (C) weather.

(video after the jump)

sure, it's perhaps not the best use of the canon 5D but one important factor... it's MY canon 5D and so all you haters can go eat my shit!



Loved it!

I forgot how awesome you are. Nice mustache.

i'm as sick as a dog in thailand. please put me out of my misery.

That 'stache is....

youtube this sh$^

i'd like to go there... yoyo

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