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greatest island del mundo (paradise island)

despite its natural beauty and the finest sand known to man and lady-boy alike, few tourists visit this little-known thai island. for a 4-time repeat visitor like myself, there isn't much to do except bathe in the clear waters and rub the pure white sand in and around my assy nipples. for first timers, you can choose to snorkel or tour the neighboring deserted islands... or rub pure white sand in and around your assy nipples...

secret island

boats on secret island

(as you probably guessed, i'm still a bit 17mm crazy with my new canon 5D camera)

you ask, which island is this in thailand? the secret will go to the grave with me, along with my 5D SLR and all my living wives from the 4 corners of the globe. god bless polygamy! (i'll give you a hint: it's off the east or west coast of thailand... and it has sand)

and for those of you at home huddling over your coal stoves in 32 degree temperatures (0 Celcius) wishing me a speedy trip to hell, i say to thou:

don't hate the playa'... hate the game.

secret island

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