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aileen chentars

for those that don't know me and my sublime academic past, among the gratuitous degrees i've earned, i'm most proud of my phD in racialist stereotyping and cast-iron cookery. my thesis proved beyond any doubt that all chinese people look identical including ethnic chinese that reside outside the motherland.

i recently met an indonesian girl of chinese ancestry that proves beyond any doubt that out of 1.3 billion people, the chinese have at least 1,000 identical twins (is 'twins' the correct word?). you be the judge whether this indonesian (right) resembles my chinese friend from home, A.Chentars.


and while we're on the subject, it's been proven by modern science so why deny it: white people all look alike. here, my friend Sabrina (from home) matched up with a Swede i met in Kuala Lumpur.


identical? you be the judge.

and finally, my friend Harish along with his exact counterpart:


you can now consider yourself educated in racialist stereotyping. your racialist membership card is in the mail.


i googled kaballah and your blog appeared. nice blog! funny. especially when you stayed here at the philippines!!!

sir, you sicken me! way to rip off hard working americans right here in michigan! although that is an accurate representation of hershel.

don't hate me because i'm not syrian.

selamat, po!

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