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when irish eyes are ... kinda indifferent to your general existence

originally i wanted to poke fun at the irish with drunk & pasty jokes but i have little interest in blabbing at this late hour. i'll just come clean and admit to my hidden agenda which was to post a few pictures of attractive women. it's mainly intended for the perverts out there because child molesters' turn just as many, if not more pages than the average non-pervert.

look, i need the advertising revenue to fund my wandering lifestyle. and if i haven't thanked you for september's page-turns that resulted in a whopping $0.55 generated, then i do so now. on second thought, allow me to say, i hate you all.

the incomparable dara
she's an irish

kat... she be illin'
she's an irish (too)

dara and kat's sister (i can't remember her name right now - so sorry)
they're both an irishes

the irish should be proud of their darling lasses, almost as proud as they should be of this guy

enjoy the pictures, you rapscallions!

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