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introducing nuprin (aka pickleboy)

i've yet managed to jettison this proverbial (sweaty) monkey off my back. not once, not twice but thrice, i abandoned my travel partner at various rest stops and concessions stands in borneo but somehow he managed to reattach himself to me. during my failed initial attempt, a potted plant provided cover when his plane landed from his tokyo layover. needless to say, he discovered me cowering and in the initial stages of weeping onto my shortpants.

pickleboyappropriately enough, the pickleboy had a layover in japan. after all, he's half japanese from his mom's side and half korean from his dad's side. it's one of the rare cases where 2 halves do not equal a whole. during one of our university biology courses, he personally attempted to impregnate a fetal pig on 3 non-consecutive occasions, permanently embalming his genitalia in the process. years later in medical school, with the same disappointing outcome, he failed again with a partially shorn guinea pig.

i've now resigned myself to his company for his entire 4 week vacation in malaysia. as a result, i'm obliged to travel at breakneck speed to accomodate the pickleboy's short travel experience away from the US&A. bear with me for a couple weeks as i hit full traveling stride. educational and/or humiliating stories ensue.

in the meantime, i devise new ways to free myself of the good MD while i ferret as much free medical advice as i possibly can, particularly concerning my pet interest: elective cosmetic surgery. and in case you are curious, no, you can't get it reattached if you change your mind. and no, overdoing it won't make you blind... in theory.

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