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it begins!... again

it should've been a signal to me when last week, i began sleeping nearly 13 hours a night. then the diarrhea, loss of appetite and fatigue crept up. that i'm sick again is clearly a sign of my once youthful and virile body deteriorating into a shapeless blob kinda like Marlon Brando towards the end of his days.

i curse the northern filipino food, especially in my current location, Claveria. the only western food available is in the form of a Dunkin Donuts ripoff, Mister Donut and so i'm unable to fill my body with the pizza hut and mcdonald's that are known remedies for my sickness. on the positive side, i've defeated this food poisoning disease before so i'm not worried it'd dengue or yellow fever. rumor has it, the nearest mcdonald's is 4 hours away so tomorrow, i begin my crusade to find western food to take the place of adobo, lechon and pancit.


Well, Pius for the longest time I thought, 'Gee, I'd love to do what Pi is doing.' I even thought this after reading about your gastrointestinal issues. But last night it all came to an end.

ESPN is showing three day's worth of the Alka Seltzer US Open of Competitive Eating. Pius, that could have been you, IFOC champ; but no, you have to be the Korean Carmen Sandiego.

Sucker. You spend you days reading racy advertisements and I watch Badlands Booker and Kobiashi defy the laws of physics (and biology).

(thejerk will respond in proxy for this so-called "pius" person)

unlike the portly jablow, pius' days of eating mass quantities have suffered immeasurable setbacks mainly from old age. as evidenced by pictures of jablow that somehow, defying all i've learned in my Lemaze classes, make even the sheet of paper it's printed on appear a bit bloated.

blame it on tapeworms or the recent gastric bypass surgery my mom got for me in my sleep as a prank, but the food just won't go down anymore. oh, i poignantly remember the days of 40 piece wegman's sushi platters. excuse me while i take a moment for the old pius whose prowess the world will never again witness. don't cry for me... i'm already dead.

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